Advice from a young entrepreneur

I definitely didn’t think this way when I was 17.

Last week, Bryan Gardner, a past podcast guest and owner of Fly Pedals told me a story.

It was about a 17 year old named Jonah.

Jonah wanted to start an online business and already tried a lot of what we all tried:

He watched webinars, read blogs and followed YouTube videos.

After several months he still had mostly $0 per day in sales.

This lasted until he realized what he was doing wrong the entire time.

He had an ah-hah! moment.

Jonah says: “Instead of focusing on ‘selling things'”…

He started asking: “How can I add value to my customer?”

I think we’ve all heard this advice before.

But in a little bit, Jonah takes it even further.

He says that he no longer thinks of himself as a master of his customers.

Think about that for a second…

Do you see yourself as a master to your customers?

Do these kinds of phrases play out in your head:

“What’s the best way to convert people?”

“How can I convince more people to buy from me?”

Of course your goal can still be sales and revenue, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by obsessing over what you want.

Instead, find out what your customers want.

Then give it to them in your ads, your emails, your content, your branding and your products.

This mindset shift can be summed up in the way Jonah now sees himself:

A servant of his customers.

As a servant, it does not matter what you want.

Your only focus is now on adding value to your customer.

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