Should You Quit Your Day Job?

If you’re not doing XYZ, you’re doing it wrong.

Did that irk you at all?

It’s often spouted by gurus trying to motivate you to listen to them or buy their products.

We get inundated with blanket statements all the time.

Making us feel like we should go down one path and then as we start making progress someone pops up and tells us we should do a 180 and go in the opposite direction.

And if you zoom out over your year, you’re just doing 180 after 180 degree spins and before you know it…

You’re spinning in circles until you run out of money, motivation or both.

There’s this big push in the last few years from Quit-Your-Day-Jobbers.

Regardless of your situation or your goals, everyone tells you to quit your day job.

Don’t hate your day job? Quit it anyway!

Here’s what I think…


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Why Are Entrepreneurs So Slow

Why are we so slow?

I spoke to an entrepreneur last week that built a $10 million business in less than 2 years.

When he told me about his success, it sent me spiraling.

I had flashbacks of my last 2 years and wondered: “why am I moving so slow?”

When you hear these results, you can’t help but get flooded with nagging thoughts about why you aren’t more successful.

Maybe you even feel jaded about the entire idea of entrepreneurship.

Even though you are better off (revenue-wise or even knowledge-wise) than you were 2 years ago…

You still feel like a failure because you haven’t gotten there faster.

Or you haven’t made even more progress.

You can’t even bask in your success because you’re always thinking that you’re falling behind.

We always feel like we’re moving so slow.

I want to talk about these negative thoughts in a future email.

But for now, I want to share this entrepreneur’s answer when I asked him…

What do you do differently that lets you move so fast?

His answer?

Be humble.

That’s just the first step.  Here’s the rest of the process…


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You should say NO more

It’s wedding season.

I’ll go to a personal record 5 weddings this year + my own.

And my fiancée is a pastry chef.

So a couple of her friends that are getting married are asking her to make wedding cake toppers.

In the last couple months I’ve seen her make a Star Wars themed wedding cake topper and a Yoshi themed wedding cake topper.

These toppers take many hours to make so she usually has to allot 2-3 weekends to work on them outside of her regular pastry chef job that takes 50-60 hours of her week already.

She just has too big of a heart to say no.

But lately I’ve been telling her that she has to start looking out for #1.


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Why I work backwards

We all start with 0 customers, $0 revenue and 24 hours in a day.

Of course there are circumstances that will make it harder.

That’s why our job as entrepreneurs is to find our way around those circumstances.

Which is why I’m fascinated by the habits and processes super successful entrepreneurs use to reach their goals.

In a recent podcast with Katel LeDu from A Book Apart I brought up a mutual entrepreneur we know: Amy Hoy.

I’ve read a TON of Amy’s stuff.  At one point in my life, all I read was her blog.

The most useful advice I ever got from her was her Bassackwards Method to achieving any goal.

It goes like this…


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Eat The Frog First

Eat the frog first means do your most difficult task first.

You do it for 3 reasons:

1. You have the most mental energy to tackle the difficult task when you do it first

2. Once it’s done, you’ve made great progress for the day

3. You won’t have the big task hanging over your head the rest of the day

Sounds like a great plan, right?

Problem is… 


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