EP27 – How Darn Good Yarn Grew to 73,758 Facebook Likes With $5 Contests

Listen to the Episode Below (55 minutes, 31 seconds)

In this episode you’ll hear from Nicole Snow, founder of DarnGoodYarn.com, and how she worked two jobs to support her fledging business.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  1. The #1 tip for writing email subject lines that get your customers to open your emails
  2. How to use $5 contests to grow your Facebook audience
  3. And at the end Nicole reveals the #1 change she made to the organization of her store that increased her conversion rate


  • Nicole Snow
  • darngoodyarn.com
  • facebook.com/dgyarn
  • Darn Good Yarn provides phenomenal quality fibers to enthusiasts, while helping the women of Nepal and India become autonomous and self-reliant.
  • Started in 2008
  • Based out of Schenectady, New York


  • Interesting about the contest. Regarding spruce mail though, she could accomplish the same thing by uploading her emails into a Facebook custom audience.

    • Yup you can do a lot with just the Facebook custom audience. Do you think running contests would work for you?

      • Absolutely. I’ve done a lot contests in the past. Things like win a signed book, win a trip to meet [blank], gun giveaways, etc. It is a great to get cheap opt-ins and grow a mailing list but if an average subscriber to your list makes you $1/mo on average than an incentive one will only make you .25/mo