Instagram Is Changing

Did you hear what’s happening with Instagram?

It’s the same thing that happened with Facebook.

Instagram just switched from a chronological live feed to an algorithm feed.

Here’s what Eugenia, an artist and store owner had to say about this change:


I have 30,000 followers on my FB fan art page, and when I do posts that mention a sale or my art as a product, I only get 50-100 people seeing the post.

This has resulted in almost *zero sales* via Facebook.

On the other hand, via Instagram, the direct way of viewing posts, guarantees me an audience, and I’ve sold a lot of my art via Instagram.

In fact, Instagram was the last bastion for art people after Tumblr and FB faded away as possible sale avenues. Now, Instagram is also going away, and I will probably be out of business.


I don’t think it will put Eugenia out of business nor will it put any store out of business that wasn’t already in a downward spiral.

But what it does mean is this…

The free buffet of customers you were getting from Instagram… You have to pay for them now.

You’ll have to buy Instagram ads to get visibility that you once got for free.

This happens with every social media platform.

There is something you can do about it though.

Instagram is rolling this out slowly though so you have some time, but the clock is ticking.

Watch this video to see what you need to do with Instagram ASAP and any other social media platform you’re on: