Driving Customers From Instagram To Your Store

Obama and I have the same philosophies on clothing.

You see, I like to keep my life super simple including my wardrobe.

In fact, I loathe new clothing because it just means I have to make more decisions when getting dressed.

That’s probably weird, but I heard the President only owns navy suits for the same reason.

I was perfectly fine with my wardrobe until I went on Instagram and saw a post from past Shopify Masters guest Jeff Sheldon, founder of Ugmonk.

Jeff owns one of my favorite designer-led clothing brands. All minimalist styles, just the way I like.

In the Instagram photo, he was wearing a pair of shoes that looked cool.

I wasn’t particularly interested in owning them, but I asked: “What are those shoes? Look great”

He responded: “They’re @quoddymaine. They are sewn in Maine and the best shoes I’ve ever owned.”

Wow, what an endorsement.

So I checked out the @quoddymaine Instagram and this is how their bio started: “Quoddy footwear is made by hand…”

Before that day, I didn’t know people hand sewed shoes anymore…

Before that day, I didn’t even realize I wanted hand-sewn shoes…

Now I do…


I own a pair of hand-sewn Quoddy shoes.

Going from Jeff’s Instagram to Quoddy’s Instagram to Quoddy’s site and then buying all happened organically.

But you can create this sales funnel on purpose, too.

This is the exact problem Natasha, a Build-a-Business competition store owner, is trying to tackle.

Natasha asks:

“What is the best and easiest way to drive traffic to your shopify store? I am pretty active on Instagram, but website visits are SO SLOWWWWWW”

Natasha sells hand-loomed luxury Turkish towels, has over 1,200 Instagram followers. She posts beautiful photos of fabric and her products on Instagram.

And she links to her store in her profile. But her followers won’t make the jump from Instagram to her site.

It’s because she’s not giving her Instagram followers a painfully curious reason to click over to her site.

It’s all about teasing. More specifically, the solution is to create Content Upgrades and use Open Loops.

This technique works whenever you want to move a prospective customer deeper into your sales funnel, like:

– Moving blog readers onto your mailing list
– Moving Facebook followers to your Instagram
– Using it on your subject lines to get people to open your email

I explain what Content Upgrades are, what Open Loops are, and how to combine them in the video above.

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