Should You Quit Your Day Job?

If you’re not doing XYZ, you’re doing it wrong.

Did that irk you at all?

It’s often spouted by gurus trying to motivate you to listen to them or buy their products.

We get inundated with blanket statements all the time.

Making us feel like we should go down one path and then as we start making progress someone pops up and tells us we should do a 180 and go in the opposite direction.

And if you zoom out over your year, you’re just doing 180 after 180 degree spins and before you know it…

You’re spinning in circles until you run out of money, motivation or both.

There’s this big push in the last few years from Quit-Your-Day-Jobbers.

Regardless of your situation or your goals, everyone tells you to quit your day job.

Don’t hate your day job? Quit it anyway!

Here’s what I think…

Just because everyone is telling you to do something doesn’t mean it’ll fit you and your situation perfectly.

Trust that you know your situation the best.

If you like your day job, it can actually move your business further along than if you were to outright quit and dive in.

Since I don’t hear it enough, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to quit your day job ASAP.

Here are some other interesting perspectives from this blog on why it might beneficial to keep your day job:

“I never EVER have to think about my job when I leave the office. That leaves me open to be able to build something on the side and have the mental bandwidth to pursue my outside interest while being able to focus on building something on the side without the pressure of I have to do this right now.”

“Money is a tool that sometimes is more important than Time. Depending on what stage your business is in.”

“Don’t quit your job immediately. Wait until you need to. Ideally until your side business makes enough + more to make the jump.”

What’s your situation? Are you working full time on your business or on the side?

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