EP36 – Drive More Sales Using These 10 Shopify SEO Tips

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This special edition of the podcast is with Josh Highland, creator of top-rated Shopify apps like SEO Meta Manager and Order Lookup App.

Josh recently released his Shopify SEO book Shopify Empire: The Definitive SEO Guide for Shopify and joins me on the podcast to pull out 10 tips on how you can improve your store’s SEO and drive more traffic and sales.

Let’s dive into the 10 Tips that we discuss in more detail on the podcast…

  1. Get a good domain name and invest in a theme. Your SEO might be good, but you still need people to trust your site so you can make sales. Google likes professional sites.
  2. Improve your sites structure. Make it easy for search engines to discover your content and for users to navigate around your store
  3. Content is King. Write great content – product descriptions, pages, blog posts. Be descriptive and honest. Dont use stock descriptions for products. Hire a copywriter if needed.
  4. Improve your product images. Google indexes images. In some searches, images appear above web searches. Update ALT tags to contain descriptive information on the product.
  5. Update your Meta Title and Descriptions. This are what Google shows in search results. Optimize these with key worded content. Test what works.
  6. Build backlinks. Get popular sites to link to your store. Blog on your site. Guest post on other sites. Major component of modern SEO. NEVER BUY LINKS!!!
  7. Get social. Twitter, facebook, pinterest. Know your market.
  8. Use tools and apps. Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tools, Shopify reports, Shopify grader, SEO Scan Pro.
  9. Build SEO into your daily work flows. SEO is a continual effort not a one time event. Stay on top of things.
  10. SEO is a practice of patience. Weeks to months to see results. Never give up.

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  • Thanks for having me the podcast Felix. If anyone has additional questions for me, I’d be happy to answer them here.

  • Thanks Felix, great tips in this one!