Stick With It

Podcast listener and subscriber, Coby, told me he grew his store to $10K/month in sales under a year.

I asked him what was the key to his success and he listed a few things and then just cut to the chase and said:

Honestly, I think picking a niche product and sticking with it has been the main reason for our success.

This is underrated advice.

In a world where there are so many options and so many different strategies, just picking a niche and picking 1 strategy at a time and sticking with it is exactly what you need to do.

Another type of email I get asks me:

How do I drive more traffic and sales to my store?

I like getting every single one of these emails even though my response is always the same.

There’s no 1 answer, but…

I can help figure out the next step to take towards the answer.

My response to these emails is always:

What are you doing currently?

And then I’ll get an email back listing 5 different marketing strategies they’re trying.

OK. Now we have what we need to figure out the next step.

The next question I ask is:

What’s working?

You see…

If there’s just 1 thing that’s working better than the others, you should figure out why it’s working.

And then figure out how you can scale it up by either investing more time doing it or more money on it.

I’ve been taking these consultation calls with store owners and going through this exact exercise.

We identify what’s working out of all the things they’re doing and then a plan on how to scale it up.

If you want to get on a consultation call, go here to apply:


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  • Honestly, this is such a big part about success. People worry about competition and that people might steal their idea, but as you stick to what is important and keep at it, competition drops off along the way. People don’t want to put in the work.

    Just getting past the launch you’ve probably surpassed over half your competition..

  • Sticking with it is definitely what you need to do. You will not become an overnight success, and competition is fierce. But the longer the stick at it and give it your 100%, the more of your competitors will fall by the weigh-side

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