What Ecommerce Entrepreneurs Are Saying

I Learn Something Every Time I Open His Emails Or Listen To His Podcast

Why would you follow Felix?

One word – Context.

You know how you can read, listen or watch content, and you think to yourself “That’s cool, but how could that work for me?” And then you get busy, and that’s it, the idea is gone.

Not with Felix.

Wether you’re listening to his podcast or reading an article, Felix is one of the few people I know that serves his content in context. So when you take it in, you’re not left wondering how you could use it. Instead, you’ve got the information you need to put it in action and make a real difference.

I’m a seasoned Entrepreneur, and think I’m a strong marketer. But here’s the thing. I only know what I know. I follow Felix because he knows what hundreds of successful Shopify Entrepreneurs know. He intuitively asks the right questions, (the things I want to know). I learn something every time I open his emails or listen to Shopify Masters. It’s great ROI on time spent.


— Susan Bradley, Owner of Wee Squeak, a multiple six figure Shopify store
Founder of The Social Salesgirls, helping entrepreneurs build a brand on Shopify
Toronto, Canada


I Have Tons of Actionable Advice to Work With This Week

I just want to let you know that after 22 hours of driving this past weekend and 5 of your podcast, I’ve got tons of actionable advice for me to work on this week now that I’m back in the office.

I really appreciate you taking the time to interview such great folks and do such a great job with that podcast because I find it really helpful.

Just the apps alone that you guys mention will help me streamline my business tremendously this weekend. So, thanks again for all the great work. Looking forward to speaking with you soon!

— Frank Rabinovitch, Founder of Impact Mouthguards
Handcrafts thousands of custom mouthguards
Alpharetta, Georgia



I Wish I Found It Sooner

Anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship, but especially e-commerce should follow Felix.

His entire Shopify Masters podcast is actionable.

I’ve learned so many tips, tricks and tools to scale my business.

I wish I would have found this out sooner as it makes my learning curve so much faster.

Felix has experience in both the technical side and the marketing side of business which is not the most common and allows him to speak as an authority.

— Ben Kovacs, Operates Lifted View and Myster, $1 Million Per Year Marijuana Accessories Business
San Francisco, California



The X’s and O’s of Online Marketing

Felix gives the X’s and O’s of online marketing but also emphasizes the storytelling that really connects with customers.

If you’re the “on-the-brink” entrepreneur who needs that little push to get the ball rolling you’ll benefit greatly from listening and reading Felix’s content.

If you have an idea or plan, but don’t quite have the courage, follow Felix.

He doesn’t sell get rich quick schemes and instead is consistent, logical, honest and knowledgable.

— Cory Stout, Founder of Woodies, raised $20K on Kickstarter, invested $25K in Instagram advertising and 20,000 member email list
Digital nomad



All of Felix’s Advice Comes From Real Experiences

Entrepreneurs in the ecommerce space would love the content that Felix provides.

Especially people who want to create a business and are starting from the bottom.

Felix gets across multiple points of view to show his community of followers that there isn’t just one way to create an online business, to provide side income or full time income for yourself.

All of Felix’s content comes from real experiences from entrepreneurs he’s interviewed or experienced himself.

He asks the questions that listeners of the podcast want to know. His style of interviewing and content helps entrepreneurs understand their path to growth and make sit a more realizable goal instead of a pipe dream.

Recently Felix taught me not to be afraid to email my subscribers often even if I’m afraid of them unsubscribing.  Instead of always trying to pitch your product to your customers, come up with creative ways to engage them.

— Riad Bekhit, Founder of Potato Parcel, bought a store and grew it to $20,000/month
San Francisco, California


Felix Renewed My Focus On My Business

I recently came across Felix’s emails and podcasts and I must say they have made tremendous effect on my business.

They’ve given me a renewed focus where I was previously quite frustrated with some of my attempts particularly my marketing attempts and how they just won’t produce the results we wanted.

But Felix, through his podcast has given me a renewed focus and his emails that I get on a regular basis always encourage me to keep prodding on so thank you Felix!


— Tendai Tawonezvi, Founder of NeoBantu
A fusion of the vibrant African print and classic modern feminine styles
Dallas, Texas



Motivational and Practical Advice

Any entrepreneur or anyone that’s thinking of starting a business should listen and read Felix’s content. The stuff he puts out is motivational and offers practical advice that I can implement to improve my business.

— Robert Landers, Founder of Mis’ Rubin’s Seasonings
Unique fine spice and herb blends for over 75 years
Montgomery, Alabama