EP73 – Hiring a Coach: The Behind-the-Scenes Investment Made by 7-Figure Brands Like TinyDevotions.com

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In this episode you’ll learn from an entrepreneur that hires multiple coaches that have helped her grow her brand to 7-figures and she wishes she did it a lot sooner.

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  1. What kind of coaches exist, how do you find one and how much they cost
  2. Why we confuse busy work with running a business and how to figure out how to use your time wiser
  3. Why Facebook doesn’t work as well anymore for this entrepreneur and why they’re now focusing on PR


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  • Excellent podcast. Coaching is something I never thought about

    • Yup coaching is a great investment. What areas of expertise you think you would hire for first?

      • Marketing and coming up with a good system

  • Any link to the Traction book?