Why Are Entrepreneurs So Slow

Why are we so slow?

I spoke to an entrepreneur last week that built a $10 million business in less than 2 years.

When he told me about his success, it sent me spiraling.

I had flashbacks of my last 2 years and wondered: “why am I moving so slow?”

When you hear these results, you can’t help but get flooded with nagging thoughts about why you aren’t more successful.

Maybe you even feel jaded about the entire idea of entrepreneurship.

Even though you are better off (revenue-wise or even knowledge-wise) than you were 2 years ago…

You still feel like a failure because you haven’t gotten there faster.

Or you haven’t made even more progress.

You can’t even bask in your success because you’re always thinking that you’re falling behind.

We always feel like we’re moving so slow.

I want to talk about these negative thoughts in a future email.

But for now, I want to share this entrepreneur’s answer when I asked him…

What do you do differently that lets you move so fast?

His answer?

Be humble.

That’s just the first step.  Here’s the rest of the process…

  1. Be humble.  Once you think you know everything, you’re falling behind.  Business changes so quickly that if you just stand still, you end up moving backwards.  Take the time to learn from everyone (I think this is the biggest benefit from the podcast)
  2. Take what you’ve learned from others and figure out how you can test if it will work for your business as quickly as possible.  Test it at a small scale.
  3. If it works, keep it and scale it up.  If it doesn’t, toss it and move on to the next test.

And you simply repeat these 3 steps over and over again.

The faster you can iterate through these steps the faster you can create a successful business.

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Once you’re in the group, tell us…

What is something you’ve spent too much time trying to do or learn?

Maybe someone can help you figure it out.