You should say NO more

It’s wedding season.

I’ll go to a personal record 5 weddings this year + my own.

And my fiancée is a pastry chef.

So a couple of her friends that are getting married are asking her to make wedding cake toppers.

In the last couple months I’ve seen her make a Star Wars themed wedding cake topper and a Yoshi themed wedding cake topper.

These toppers take many hours to make so she usually has to allot 2-3 weekends to work on them outside of her regular pastry chef job that takes 50-60 hours of her week already.

She just has too big of a heart to say no.

But lately I’ve been telling her that she has to start looking out for #1.

That’s herself.

She just has a hard time saying No to people.

But when you say Yes to other people, you’re saying No to yourself.

To sustain running a business, you have to treat yourself like the most valuable friend you know.

Defend your time aggressively.

It’s OK, in fact, it’s the right thing to do to say No to people when you need the time and energy to take care of yourself or your business.

It’s not just other people that are eating up your time, but you yourself are likely adding things to your todo list that are more harmful than helpful.

Start saying No more often.

Start saying No to people that ask things from you.

Do less so that the things you do do get more time and attention.

How do you decide what to say Yes and what to say No to?

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